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is going to defend his man, but wisconsin governor scott walker will be here and take goolsbee to the woodshed. also, is obama man larry summers really jacking up on rates and knocking down stock prices? will he really be a tighter-fisted fed chairman than janet yellin? the markets seem to think so. but wasn't summers the big trillion-dollar stimulus spending guy in obama's first term? and speaking of fears, has team obama totally botched the egypt situation? there can be no compromise here, folks. american interests lie with the egyptian army, not with the radical and terrorist muslim brotherhood. all those stories and much more coming up this evening on "the kudlow report." beginning right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." first up tonight, after delivering a number of economic growth speeches this summer, president obama has still failed to provide any economic growth message. in fact, the tax, spend, and mandate obama care plan is a huge drag on the economy. and on top of that the president's idea of corporate tax reform is real
and middle class. this is not happening in the the state of minnesota. let's cross the river to wisconsin. there's no better example than a reversal of everything that's taking place in this state of minnesota. just this week, governor scott walker said republicans might expand collective bargaining, restrictions to police and firefighters in his state. now this is a 180 from his previous position. this is just the latest sneak attack from governor walker. a long history of going after working men and women in that state. but it is important to keep in mind, there's hope. a lot of people are in the down troddened when it comes to political exhaust igs. i want you to look at this map. m minnesota is a blue state in a sea of red states run by republican governors. so tonight we're going to highlight how minnesota is doing things better compared to the states around them. much better than its neighbor to the east, wisconsin, where walker is running around the country telling everybody how great things are in the badger state. this week, hundreds of same-sex couples tied the knot here in the
u.s. steel, republic steel or wisconsin steel dumped the waste product of steel making. the steel mills created their own suns, skies and weather. in other neighborhoods, housewives hung their washing in the basement when it rained. on the east side, wives hung it inside when the wind blew in from the mills. the air on the sidewalks glittered with a metallic mist so thick you could take a spoon and get ahold of it. visitors remarked on a musty odor, but the sense of steel making was as natural an atmosphere as oxygen. men didn't go to work when the sun rose and came home when it set, today pulled a different shift every week. so when you went up on 106th street, all the doors were open, and marino would sell you a 12-pack of beer, damn the city's two a.m. license. rob stanley was born on the east side in 1947, two years after his father came home from the war. of english and welsh descent, stanley was an exotic in his ethnic neighborhood. his playmates called him catholic killer. as a student at chicago vocational high school, stanley never thought about going to college, because
news in the hour tonight. two years ago about the great state of wisconsin have come home to roost as governor scott walker dips his toe back in the union busting water. >>> there are major updates about the killing of ibragim todashev. >>> and a charter school scandal. >>> and there's fresh news for the race virginia governor. we're going to get to all of it. one event was the central focus of the news world late this morning and into the afternoon. it was the dramatic courtroom proceeding which concluded the legal process of what is both a notorious crime story and a story of almost superhuman survival. and so we begin with the re-definition of the words horrific, inhumane, brave and resilient. ariel castro, a bus driver, living on the west side of cleveland, abducted michelle knight first. that was 11 years ago. michelle was just 21 years old when castro lured her into his house with the promise of a puppy. a puppy for her son. she went to his house and was held there as prisoner for more than a decade. during which police were not even looking for her. a missing persons report
. he wasn't recruited by university of oh wisconsin so he started at central michigan. they play good football. no two ways about that. but he said his life long dream was to play for the badgers. so he walked away from a scholarship at central michigan. he just alluded to his father, a firefighter. he didn't grow up with a pile of money in the family. here he was on a full scholarship. he said, you know, i'll try to walk on at wisconsin. that's exactly what he did and became an all big ten selection. now an all world performer on the field and off the field. >> brian: i have been asked this question several times. was asked this week. if i were to start a franchise who are the first two players i would take. you start with a quarterback, but defensively it's j.j. watt. that's a lot to say when you are talking about an inside defensive lineman. what that does. you know, normally you think of pressure from the outside. big pass rush guys. to have that presence on the inside and going out allows you to do so many more things on the outside. well deserved as the defensive player of the y
of wisconsin, madison, wisconsin; gail ritchie, public health analyst, center for mental health services, substance abuse and mental health services administration, u.s. department of health and human services, rockville, maryland; dr. pierluigi mancini, ceo, clinic for education, treatment, prevention, and addiction, inc., norcross, georgia. pierluigi, between 2002 and 2011, the total number of adolescents that received prevention messages through the media went from 83.2 percent in 2002 and 75.1 percent on 2011. are we reaching enough young people with prevention messages? well, i think the question is how are we trying to reach the youth with prevention messages? i think that the development of technology today has given us an opportunity that we haven't quite caught up with. traditionally, we have public service announcements, we have school activities, but today, we have facebook. we have texting. we have an ability to find new ways that we haven't quite exploded yet. so, the media we have to look at from a broader perspective, not just the broadcast media but everything that the yo
the country. we have taken hits, in wisconsin where scott walker stole or voices and took our bargaining power away from us. we are charged up. they are angry, frustrated, just as american workers whether they belong to a union or don't they are frustrated with what's going on here. they are frustrated the top 1% of the country control 40% of the wealth. ceos are making 354 times the amount what working families are making. that's the largest wage gap in this country's history. we've got to fight back. >> i was just in milwaukee a few weeks ago and thought this is the place interrarnl organizing could happen at the intersection of labor and civil rights, white working folks, agriculture p workers, blacks, latinoso how do you do the work with sciu and fast-food workers. how do we make sure racial organizing is interracial organizing. we're linking the movements. that's what we must do. we're linking the movement with fast-food workers. we're linking the movement with taxicab drivers who want to organize in city after city after city. we're linking with child care provides, home care workers. it
front on the abortion battle as wisconsin governor, scott walker, faces off with a federal judge. the judge william connelly has blocked a portion of governor walker's new law specifically the requirement for abortion providers to have admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. the law also requires any woman seeking an inabortion to undergo an ultrasound, the idea that being forced to listen the fetuses organs will promote bonding. there is a brood push to reopen the fight over a women's right to choose. but why now? why actively stoke the controversy, and review those charges of a gop war on women? maybe because it won't ever hurt you with your base? but let's find out from a guy who knows what he is talking, john nichols, washington correspondent for "the nation" and co-author of "dollarocracy", and john joins us this evening from madson, wisconsin. welcome back mr. nichols. >> it is a pleasure to be with you, john. >> john: thank you. i want to ask you about the larger gop strategy here. but please bring us up to date on the judge's ruling. he didn't over turn the law just ext
when they did shows. by 2011 he had moved to wisconsin apparently to live with a girlfriend who herself seems to have been part of the same world. you see her on the left with all of these guys. the sign says volksfront, race over you'll all. his girlfriend reportedly worked as a waitress in a strip mall and the restaurant where she worked was just about a block away from the sikh temple in wisconsin. after an adult lifetime in these insane american movement and subculture that nurtures those theories, wade michael page decided to stop just posting online to nazi message boards about how we all needed to be living the 14 words. he decided to get off line and go get a gun. and a year ago he went to the sikh temple of wisconsin a block away from where his girlfriend worked and at the sikh temple of wisconsin killed six people and wounded others before he killed himself. one of those he wounded was the first responder who he shot 12 times. lieutenant brian murphy got shot 12 times and he lived. when other officers responded to the scene, lieutenant murphy refused to let those other officer
is a strike, right? >> one way to deal with unions is what the wisconsin and others are doing. give people a choice about paying dues. >> david: remember, the union mob in wisconsin lost their battle against scott walker. unions beware. coming up nextous have to deal with the high cost from the healthcare law, but not congress. no not their staffers. the president just cut them a special deal. what is the big deal? we'll debate and let you decide whether it's fair. >>> hi, everyone. we're live from america's news headquarters. i'm jamie colby. we're waiting for president obama's arrival in orlando. this is video of the president and first lady departing andrews air force base. the commander in chief is set to speak at the opening session at the disabled veterans convention and address the consistent backlog of veteran disability claim. later they will travel to martha's vineyard for a nine-day vacation. the deadly search for a missing teenager turning to a rugged wilderness. investigators are now standing out near cascade, idaho, where suspected kidnapper and murder joe dimaggio is believe
. and when i looked for information, i was directed to wisconsin. and so it is one of the oldist towns in ireland and around the 1940s a lot of irish people immigrated to the utah and a few set up in newtown, in wisconsin. and in the google maps you will find the street view and the first building that you see is a barn, a typical barn. and i find it interesting that out of everything in town that has not been photographed by google yet and also this idea of when you are looking something original, you find a certificate. and so, i copied this barn and placed this facade or prop in the most resymboling location in the original town of ireland. and the idea was we thought that the google car would come by, that this image would be picked up and the barn would exist in both. it was up for two weeks but i knew that the car was in the neighborhood. but recently i found out that after two years, it did. so now there is a google street with the same house. and i really like that idea of transition, where you then take an image from the internet and put it in the real world to be captured an
? >> one way to deal with unions is what the wisconsin and others are doing. give people a choice about paying dues. >> david: remember, the union mob in wisconsin lt their battle against scott walker. unions beware. coming up nextous have to deal with the high cost from the healthcare law, but not congress. no not their staffers. the presidenjust cut them a special deal. what is the big deal? we'll dete and let you decide whether it's fair. i'm jamie colby. i'll see you at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here ofox. have a great day. >> david: so much for lawmakers takinghe same medicine they impose on the rest of us. under the healthcare law, congress and thousands of congressional staffer were going to be hit with massive premium hikes. but now the president cut them a deal. guess who is going to be paying their healthcare cost? that is right. you and me. so steve, is this a good idea? >> it goes to show cooking is so great, why don't they eat it? the fact of the matter -- >> david: it's poison. >> they don't like it. for the saying well, we'll have a brain drain, that assumes there are brain
from wisconsin to pennsylvania. why? nbc's nick watts looks at the restaurant. >> reporter: all his family and friends gathered around. then bang, it all kicks off. can you hear happy birthday in the background? this happens, and not in frequently, bare-fisted fights. late last month, a mass brawl at a chuck e cheese during a kid's party. and it is the adults fighting. one woman holding a baby in one arm, swinging with the other. and there, that is the little girl trying to stop the grown-ups from fighting. >> a lot of parents can be very stupid and ridiculous. >> it is a disgrace. should not happen. >> reporter: but it does, a lot. type chuck e cheese into youtube, and you can watch wide-eyed as cell phone video catches the parties going very sour. i'm in chuck e cheese right now. i'm enjoying myself, a pretty nice environment. so there is nothing wrong with chuck e cheese itself, so what is making these people go nuts? she was attacked at a chuck e cheese during her daughter's birthday party. >> and all i remember is actually hitting the floor and my hair being just ripped, ripped
night, wisconsin! [coughs] this is really-- [coughs] i've really missed-- [coughs] we have breaking news. i'm toasted! man, they pay me gobs of money to talk like that. fez, do something with your hair, man. it's making me paranoid. guys, i have discovered a band that will change music forever. ♪ and i ran ♪ i ran so far away ♪ i just ran ♪ i ran all night and day ♪ i love to cook, you know. i'm really good with sauces. guys, sometimes when i do the news, i don't wear any pants. whoo! you know, there are some things about earth-- ha ha ha-- i really miss! ha ha! ok. welcome to your 10-year high school reunion. [playing everybody have fun tonight] all right! i finally grew a mustache. actually, it's chocolate cake. what happened to kelso? oh, he got fired. yeah, he thought the news would be funnier drunk. now he works for you selling water beds. wait. i sell water beds? that's right. kelso, what are you doing here? you were supposed to lock up the store tonight. it's our reunion, man. i'll lock it up tomorrow, i promise. hello, michael. hello, jackie. oh, i just want to let you
about the status that's being set up in wisconsin? have they kept you abreast of what's going on and will they be ready? >> it's left up to the federal government and it's the reason why i and others across t ultimately trying to believe in the states for something they're ultimately doing. so its unfortunate for the country that theics changes are what happens if the feds are like it 90% ready. and they really do have the security safeguards out. they have navigators, but they're not going to check the backgrounds, that's not necessarily a ready requirement, but it might concern a lot of americans as to who has access to the information. it's about 90% done or finished. what are you going to say to the people of wisconsin? >> in our state, you look just the american -- the society of actuaries points out that they will be according to them an 82% increase in the premiums in the next couple of years in obamacare in the affordable exchanges. that's not obamacare, that's anything but that. but at the same time, you see not only the higher cost of individuals, you see the uncerta
of wisconsin a john at a paper mill is about as good as it gets. but for 47-year-old frank kovac, that was his second choice. as a kid he dreamed of exploring outer space which is why frank has spent pretty much his entire adult life charting his own course for the stars. >> the neighbors thought i'd lost my mind. >> there was a huge sphere covered up by a tarp. >> day and night he was working on it all the time. just unbelievable, you know? >> reporter: robert briggs is town chairman of monico, wisconsin, the town where frank launched his space program. monico has a three pump gas station, a two-bit bar and now, thanks to frank, one remote planetarium. >> this is the most remote planetarium in the world. >> reporter: frank basically built it in his backyard. >> to be a planetarium director you need college, but if you build your own, you can run it. hs pelley: (laughs) using the money he made at the paper mill, frank opened to the public in 2007, although when we first visited a few years ago business was far from stellar. how long since somebody's been here? >> it's been about three days. >>
:00 tonight. more than two dozen squad cars chasing the suspect along wisconsin northwest. will thomas had a front-row seat to this and will i know you ran upstairs when you heard it on the scanner and saw it firsthand. >> we had sky fox tell the story. we learned they were coming right by us right out front so like dozens of other people who lined the sidewalks we watched as the suspect just kept on going despite a huge line of police right behind him. >> right at 9:00 our photographer rolling as a disabled jeep passes right by. at least 30 squad cars on his tail. this wasn't high speed because officers managed to lay a spike strip down earlier in their pursuit which blew out his tires. let's watch it again but we'll slow it down. the driver started to run from cops in baltimore an hour and a half earlier. he led them along the beltway through montgomery county and into the district. >> he came by with his rims, no tires, and i felt like we were in l.a. >> and just like those l.a. car chases we see all the time, people lined wisconsin avenue sell phones rolling -- cell phones rolling. the
since discretionary spending picks up. so we sent jeff flock to wisconsin to track the boom in outdoors goods companies at johnson outdoors. hi, jeff. >> you know, it is tough duty, spending me to wisconsin. it has been a really hard day out here. johnson outdoors is the company. i tell you, i have only caught two or three fish. it has been a rough day. we'll talk about recreational stocks and technology of recreation. we have a couple experts with me coming back on eagle lake in wisconsin. stay tuned. ♪ my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axir is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. wome especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about a
of a new wisconsin law requiring abortion providers to obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. the move extends an earlier hold on the measure while a legal challenge proceeds. land parenthood and the aclu have filed a lawsuit saying the law would force to out of four abortion facilities in wisconsin to close. courts have blocked similar laws in other states admitting privileges can be impossible for abortion providers to obtain because hospitals may oppose abortion or require doctors to admit a certain number of patients. on friday, u.s. district judge william calmly rolled conley ruled -- meanwhile in wisconsin, a man was sentenced friday to 10 years in prison for plotting to kill an abortion doctor at a madison, wisconsin planned parenthood. ralph lane was arrested in 2011 after his gun accidentally went off in a madison motel room. he told police he planned to "layout abortionists because they're killing babies." his sentence will be reduced by nearly 2.5 years as credit for time served. sikh communityhe wisconsin a remembering six people killed one year ago today when a n
of the national governor's association annual summer meeting in milwaukee, wisconsin. they discuss infrastructure and the global economy. booktv in-depth. your question for author and head of peed -- peedpediatric neurosurgery. >>> the national negotiation's association kicked off the three-day summer long meeting meeting in milwaukee. it allows governors to participate in a series of sessions focused on national and state issues. next the opening press conference from today's event beginning with republican governor scott walker of wisconsin. >> good morning. glad to have you here in milwaukee, wisconsin. thank you for joining us for the morning press conference. i'm going give a brief opening and turn it over to jack. in addition to governor from delaware we are joined by governor fallon, who is the vice chair for oklahoma, and will be the incoming chair on sunday. and two other fellow member of the executive committee, her we herbert the governor from utah who hosted this two years ago in salt lake city and park city. governor john hickenlooper here from colorado. looking ghood a tie. i like t
he did. scott walker shocks me, who took on unions and took them on in wisconsin had support of the tea party and conservative movement. scott walker could be a example. if what you said is accurate it iso you feel have you been placed in opposition? like hatfields and mccoys, you are either with one sydor other and no one in middle will be tolerated. >> i heard marek say, if he heard it right, i did not say whether chris christie or rand paul of right or wrong, i said if the are focussing on 2016, it is about setting stage for campaigns in 2016 that is where they are doing a disservice to party and kuh country, we have o win in 2014 so whoever the nominee is, can make the case we're going to win, they said on principle, so 2017, with a republican house, senate and president we could do big bold things we've done in wisconsin and other states. neil: maybe you are trying to deal with this in a diplomatic way. i have talked to all of them, there is some bad blood between some of them, i wonder if it goes for a battle for the soul of the party akin to 1964 struggle. the goldwate
or see things in washington -- >> or wisconsin. melissa: yes. have been hired and paid to be there. in this case, they say, people, they were paid to initially be skeptical and they're supposed to ask him various questions. and then they would appear to be convinced by what he was saying, first of all, those are damn good actors for 15 bucks an hour convinced i want want any weiner -- >> he had to do something, he had to get someone to galvanize senatorrers. couldn't come up with supporters here in new york. everyone said, what are you doing? why are you even in the race. being pushed out by his own party to get out of the race. >> this is more than new york politics. this is a dangerous thing happening in america. and again, i said wisconsin, i wasn't being, it wasn't a figure of speech. in wisconsin, remember the anti-governor walker campaign. they took over city -- anybody out there who thinks those following were normal folks are protesting, sorry folks, if you believe that, it is not true. these people were paid by union, they were union goons. they were paid bit union to prot
to dangerous swimming conditions from the wisconsin border down through northwest indiana. wgn meteorologist tom skilling is here with more. >> this is really an upside-down world. it was up to 90 degrees in alaska, 89 degrees in the yukon territory, and authorities in wisconsin.30 degrees in wisce flirting with cold temperatures. we have a couple cool days to come up. look at big sky country right here. look at this thunderstorm towering over that state. thank you for that picture. and this one is the fox river in geneva. it is reflecting the clouds. and look at this one ... these are trails of stars. what you do is let the lines open ens open and view its that track of the stars. here is a picture of the perseids meteor shower in colorado. at the bottom of the picture, that is lightning from a thunderstorm. and this one is a microburst producing thunderstorms in the travers citytraverse city. and k at a funnel cloud in illinois. our photographers are wonderful, thank you. we certainly have whether to photograph. what a gorgeous day. look how sharp the horizon is. there is no his or high hu
's the way it came down. somehow paul ryan found a route back to wisconsin that led through albuquerque, new mexico. and he and eric cantor who are arguably the two most powerful republicans in the u.s. house, john boehner's often the spectator, they got on this plane. they flew down to new mexico as soon as the house went out of sex. they checked in to one of the most elite resorts in the southwest which had been rented top to bottom by the koch brothers. here they are two of the most powerful people in congress sitting with two of the wealthiest men in america. a lot of the allies and other folks. and nobody who wasn't part of this behind closed doors meeting was allowed in. so when reporters came, they were block by security a mile away from the hotel. no one would acknowledge who was there. so it is really quite a remarkable thing. >> so why was there -- eric caber has been really been in the koch family so to speak. why is it important he was there? >> well, these are the two republicans in the house who really are the power forces. >> are they at odds? >> at times they are, yes. becaus
there are located in wisconsin. >> a loser, a slight shortaghrimp. shortage. >> on ultimately, there is a disease that is out there that is endangering the species. they subsidize this industry to send it to the united states. companies like red lobster, are going to be affected by this. with this said lobster prices are low. >> >> what test travelers to vegas, why do you say this as well lowe's sir? >> i think they tumble off the plane and they lose a lot of money to the casinos. a hundred and $16. i was surprised by this. this is not a lot money spent on booze on planes. >> coming up i will talk with a state planner about the cost of dinin in an and estate planner and the cost of dying in the state of california. >> Ñáçwçñ >> welcome back eri. i am rob black. we will now talk with an expert and get their insight. >> joining me now is michelle. >> and estate planning attorney as someone that you trust to help you think about what type of legacy you want to leave behind. this is just all about taxes but actually is about more than just taxes. this is someone who will guide you through the pr
it the mistry of god however wisconsin i was wonderigg about predestination wherdid we originally come from no god but can you explain further well i have a te that you ed áo order the free world ages we just remmended for that is critical tougderstanding the mistry of god as it'written in ephesians chapter 1 verse four god said so love you i prebestined before the undationsof the world that meags tde kata bl and the greek language foundations of the world that was satan's @ stood with him and a very o special way agt satan would say rebelled against him and the t earth and heaven age patrician south carolina i like to eat pork if i continue to youork will it keep me from going to heaven the answer to that is no eating pork is a violation or breaking of the health laws td created our flesh bodies he knows what makes them tk he knows what's good for them and 's not pork swines @@ flesh is a scalded leviticus of food' that god thinks are @@ acceptable for man to eat but eating pork is a sin against your flesh against your soul chana ntucky by god or jes@@ the same pe we had that question eli
to be state of wisconsin. in october with the first retreat here. if any of you know, harvey who runs is the oim is enthusiasm. he saidlet do ten states. i saidlet do one. let see how it works. i anticipate it will be well worth replicating. we get back to you whether you like to try to do the exercise in the state or not. we work from the top down to the some of the things jeff every day to see how we can replicate the work and expand it and how to make available more tools, more knowledge of how to reform the health care system. you all have data and medicaid data. if not you should get it. you have data on the employee population. you have largest purchasers of health care for many of you in the state. you can move a lot of material around. states have many, many lever. you control the entire supply of health care. you have antitrust power and purchasing power and regular regulatory power. and by deploying those in good way you can change the system. we're hopeful to be to be help. we have 2 or 25 of your governor's health advisers in washington earlier this week to begin getting t
half an hour, c-span will be taking you back to milwaukee, wisconsin, where the national governors association will be wrapping up today. their final panel of the day inl look at states' roles cybersecurity. that will start at 12:15 pm eastern time. until then, we will take a look at john hickenlooper's appearance on this morning's "washington journal." host: this weekend, we are live at the nga summer meeting in milwaukee, wisconsin. we are pleased to be joined by governor john hickenlooper, the former mayor of denver and now the democratic governor of colorado. thank you for being with us. guest: you bet. glad to be on your show. host: let me begin with one of the panels yesterday that people might have found interesting. the amount of money that states spend on incarceration and health care for inmates in state prisons. you were part of that panel discussion. what was your take away -- takeaway? guest: budgets have gone up continually in terms of incarceration.some states more than others. the real trick is, a lot of the people we end up locking up for years have mental-health i
wisconsin to face off in three of the most important battles of the area. what do you suppose was the reason for that? >> somebody like somebody else. [laughter] is there a particular reason? probably not. probably not. unless you know something that your ancestors have revealed that the rest of us have not been privy to. the 13th alabama along with archers brigade coming in together, believing that at best what they are going to be up against is just the yankee calvary and maybe at worse some pennsylvania militia. and as they move down to willoughby run and moving to the woods to the other side of the ravine, what do they see coming at them but the second wisconsin and you hear the voices running through the alabamans. that is no militia. it's those sellers and that is the arofhe potomac. so the big an unpleasant surprise to find out not only were they facing the iron brigade again but that the army of the potomac was there when they had been assured that no elements were anything closer than a day's march away. that was the ultimate big surprise that gettysburg. >> they also point out one
for the company says actually it would create thousands of jobs in norern wisconsin, but before they can completelcomptes the merriment y reviews, they want to shut it down. armed guards on the ground in wisconsin, a response to this. right wing bloggers have called them ecoterrorist. intent on disrupting the work. that involved a felony charge, three misdemeanors and it hasn't even started. all the protesters disrupted sampling environmental impact studies. >> event the courage of convictions and believe what they have been saying, they should want us to find information out because they can use these facts. >> he says the iron ore mine will not introduce chemicals. they will remove the iron ore and then replace. it should be noted the bulk of the protesters say they shun the radical. they want work at the site to stop. >> it is not that i don't trust the dnr. i don't trust the people supporting the governor in our statehouse. >> the native american tribe says it violates the treaty because it could impact hunting and fishing rights. they're going to take gtech to federal court and they
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